💸How to Claim SharDex Airdrops

This is a detailed tutorial for getting airdrops. Check Now!

  1. Enter the SharDex homepage - Click [Reward] on the navigation bar in the upper right corner of the page

2. 【SharDex Waitlist】 is the point system of SharDex. Successfully referring 3 friends can allow user to claim Soul Bound Token, and join the SharDex NFT Waitlist for Genesis Airdrop. It only takes two steps to get rewards.

Step 1 --Binding your social accounts to claim SBT, which may later become an admission ticket for IDO.

Click [Invite to earn more points] to invite your friends. For each confirmed referral, both your friend and you will get Share Points.

Once you refer three valid users, SharDex will automatically send SBT to your address.(If you have any questions, please contact us on Discord)

Step 2--Ranked the top on the share points leaderboard to boost your airdrop rewards

Click [Invite to earn more points] to invite your friends. The more friends you invite, the more airdrops you get !


1.Each address can only mint one SBT, and it is non-transferable.

2.The Share Points may impact the quality of the final airdrop.

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