Pools are the simplest way to earn free tokens on SharDex. Stake SDT, earn SDT. It’s that easy!

How to Stake in Pool

Step 1

Click [Earn]-[POOL] to enter the pool page.

Auto SDT automatically compounds your rewards: any SDT you earn will be harvested and re-invested in the same pool for you.

Manual SDT does not automatically compound like Auto SDT. You’ll need to harvest and compound your earnings manually.

Step 2

Click [Enable] button, and fill in the amount of SDT you want to stake, or directly stake SDT according to the balance ratio.

Click [Confirm] to confirm staking.


You can easily add more SDT to a Pool, or move some SDT to a more profitable pool. Click the - to take some SDT out of a pool, or the + to add more to the pool.


1.Unstaking from the Auto SDT pool has some fee if you unstake within 72 hours.(But now it's still 0%)

2.When some pools expire, we will put them in the Finish option.

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