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Shardex also provides Cross-Chain bridge services. In the test network stage, it serves as a test faucet to provide users with test tokens for experiencing the product.
Just in case, you need to prepare some $SHM as a gas fee.
Here are the detailed steps to get SHM tokens!
Let's experience it together!
1.Connect wallet--Click [Shardex Products]--[Bridge]
2.We provide test coins of five currencies for your interactive use. They are [ETH\BTC\USDT\USDC\SDT].Using [ETH] as an example.
3. Select ETH--Select From [Goerli ] to [Shardeum]--The specific amount will be displayed in the selection box--Click the 【MINT】button at the bottom of the page.
4. A specific amount of tokens can be mint each time. Please check the form for details.
1.During the public test, only SBT holders are allowed to use the Bridge. Please claim your SBT first.
2. Each address can only claim test tokens once a day.
3.During the trial period, the handling fee is free for a limited time.